Cortex Innovation Community: 20th Anniversary Celebration

May 23, 2022

Check out the gallery of Cortex Innovation Community's 20th Anniversary Thursday Gathering! Cortex has been an integral ecosystem partner to the Greater St. Louis community, from encouraging new businesses and entrepreneurship to cultivating a community that is looking towards the evolution of St. Louis through innovation. Here are some of the highlights of an engaging and fruitful evening of the Cortex Innovation Community Celebration, from what the district has to offer to what it hopes to achieve moving forward.

Cortex Innovation Community: 20th Anniversary Celebration

Check out the gallery of Cortex Innovation Community’s 20th Anniversary! We hosted this celebratory Gathering in honor of Cortex’s 20th birthday! They’ve been an integral force in our community by encouraging new businesses, and cultivating a community that is innovating the positive evolution of St. Louis and its respective ecosystems. Join us in looking through some of the highlights of such an engaging and fruitful history of Cortex, and what they hope to achieve at present with an eye towards the future.

We hosted Capital Innovators Demo Day, and its exhibition of the Capital Innovators Acceleration Program – a program that provides startups with the resources and connections they need to achieve the next level of their business. We heard from a fantastic lineup of six different startups that were newly graduates of the program. We wish each one of them success and longevity.

Next, we heard from Cortex Innovation Community representatives on The Legacy of CET moderated by Gabriela Ramirez – Arellano. The Center for Emerging Technologies played a pivotal role in shaping the early innovation ecosystem that has become Cortex, and they shared their plans for the future.

Finally, members of Cortex took to the podium to communicate their origins and hopeful future in How It Started vs How It’s Going session. This was a window into the history of Cortex, and how they’ve assisted businesses grow in and export out of St. Louis, while becoming the preeminent innovation ecosystem in the region. Before specifics were shared, a tornado struck the region, and our who were in attendance went into mandatory lockdown! Fortunately, everyone was safe and sounds but the final session on the Cortex Strategic Plan had to be postponed. But don’t fret! We will be hearing from the Cortex team regarding their strategic plan in the near future!

Below are some pictures taken by the spectacular Tyler Small, who kept his camera clicking despite the unexpected twister. You can find the full gallery to the Anniversary Gathering HERE.

Thanks for taking the time to read our recap blog, and we hope to see you in June! Starting next month, Venture Café St. Louis is returning to Weekly Thursday Gatherings, and our theme is Funding the Mission. Keep a lookout on our social platforms for more information!

See you next time!

Christian Savage
Events Experience Coordinator