Career Central: Networking opportunities in St. Louis this week

March 24, 2023

ST. LOUIS — Networking is one of the best ways to take a great business idea and make it even better. It's also a good way to climb the career ladder. Here's how you can do that this week.

Venture Café hosts ‘Thursday Gatherings’

Looking for a place to connect with other business leaders to grow your great idea? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to make St. Louis a better place?

Venture Cafe is hosting one of its Thursday Gatherings on Thursday, March 23 and it’s a great way to meet people with the same goals.

It runs from 4-7:30 p.m. at 4240 Duncan Avenue, Suite 200.

Network, build partnerships, and take your dream to the next level as you meet dozens of creative, resourceful people invested in improving life in St. Louis.

Kay Quinn
Anchor & Reporter, KDSK