Corporate & Community Partnerships

May 30, 2023

Make new friends but, keep the old, as the saying goes. That’s the heart of the idea behind the Corporate and Community Partnerships Gathering. Appreciating all the help we’ve gotten from our community partners while also finding the space to introduce and highlight new organizations! Let’s get into what you might’ve missed at Corporate and Community Partnerships.

Kicking us off was Starting From Square One, this amazing incubator program helps entrepreneurs of all industries break into the entrepreneurial ecosystem with a host of different resources and industry experts. Their session Generating Buzz With The Media, brought together Gilberto Pinela, Chris Ryan, and Steph Kukuljan to talk about your preparation for getting your product and passion out into the news cycle and what you do once it is!

Following that wealth of knowledge was Dave Kuntz of R3 Development NFP which aims to contribute to our communities by teaching youth the skills they will need to succeed as well as improving housing circumstances for those in East St. Louis.

Now, if you’re an entrepreneur, the workload can get hectic. That’s why Dr. Michelle Echols was with us this week to talk about the importance of Entrepre-Wellness. She coached our community members on how they can continue their professional journey while also keeping their well-being in mind.

With that concluded, you’ve now been recapped on what you might’ve missed at this Thursday Gathering! Keep an eye on our socials and website for what else you can be expecting, because next week, we are jumping right back into June with our Serendipitous Collions Gathering! See you all there!

Please be aware, as of December 14th 2023, Venture Café St Louis paused its operations. You can read more in the News section below.