Thought Leadership & Public Speaking

September 11, 2023

Welcome to another great VenCaf Recap! Last week we hosted, Thought Leadership & Public Speaking. even bringing by TEDx St. Louis. Let's get into all the amazing insights that you might've missed!

Welcome to another great VenCaf Recap! Last week we hosted, Thought Leadership & Public Speaking. even bringing by TEDx St. Louis. Let’s get into all the amazing insights that you might’ve missed!

The day kicked off with a captivating session led by Kesha Kent, who shared her expertise on the “Keys to Public Speaking.” Attendees were engrossed as she provided valuable insights on how to captivate an audience and deliver impactful speeches. Following Kesha was John Parker, who delved into the intricacies of launching a speaking career and monetizing one’s expertise through high-dollar keynotes. His session resonated strongly with aspiring speakers who were keen on turning their passion into a profitable venture.

Simultaneously, three sessions took place, each covering different aspects of thought leadership and branding. Erin Joy led the session on “Building a Brand Worth Following,” providing attendees with valuable tips on establishing a strong personal brand. At the same time, Pooja Arashanapally spearheaded a session titled “So You Wrote The Book, Now What?: Marketing Tips for Rapid Growth,” guiding aspiring authors on effective strategies to promote their books. Meanwhile, GV Freemen headed the session on “High-Dollar Thought Leadership Programs,” giving attendees insights into creating and implementing lucrative thought leadership programs.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the “Taking The Stage: TEDx St Louis Panel,” featuring esteemed speakers LJ Punch, Sophia Hayes, Sharon Deem, and Vivian Gibson. The panel discussion was engaging and enlightening, with each speaker sharing their unique experiences and offering valuable advice on public speaking and thought leadership.

As the event came to a close, three concurrent sessions wrapped up the day on a high note. Amanda Andrews hosted a session on “From Prep to Performing: How to Speak and be Heard,” providing practical tips on effective delivery and confidently engaging with an audience. Nick Niehaus presented “Building Influence through Video,” discussing the power of video content in establishing thought leadership. Finally, Ryan Myers and Ashley Rube from Improv Shop led their session on “Your Presentation Isn’t About You: Using Improv to Shift Your Focus,” emphasizing the importance of connecting with the audience and adapting on the spot.

Wrapping up the blog post, we’re excited to announce our upcoming gathering, “Growth Capital: Contracts, Grants & Private Equity.” Mark your calendars and join us in the next event as we delve into the world of funding and explore opportunities for business growth. Stay tuned for more updates on VenCaf Recap, where we bring you the highlights of the most insightful events and sessions.

Christian Savage
Please be aware, as of December 14th 2023, Venture Café St Louis paused its operations. You can read more in the News section below.