Benjamin Singer

Benjamin Singer

CEO – Show Me Integrity

Benjamin Singer is the CEO of Show Me Integrity, Missouri’s cross-partisan government reform organization. Benjamin has led federal, state, and local advocacy campaigns to create a more effective, ethical government of, by, and for the people. These include ethics, campaign finance, redistricting, and voting reforms with leaders across the political spectrum including Lawrence Lessig, John Danforth, Tishaura Jones, and Rob Schaaf. His work has been featured in TV, radio, and newspaper outlets across the nation.

In 2021 Show Me Integrity won the American Civic Collaboration Award, which celebrates partnerships that strengthen America, for the organization’s work on, a civic tech tool that brought together an unlikely duo: Republican former Governor Matt Blunt and Democratic former Secretary of State Jason Kander, two military veterans who fought to defend democracy and then came home to administer it as secretaries of state.

Previously Benjamin served as National Campaign Director for MAYDAY PAC, Political Director for the Patriotic Millionaires, and Communications Director for Clean Missouri. In 2020 he helped lead the St. Louis Approves campaign, which won with 68% to make St. Louis City elections nonpartisan, using approval voting followed by a runoff, forcing candidates to win a true majority of the vote—not just one neighborhood, political party, or skin color.  This year, Show Me Integrity won another measure on the 2022 ballot to decrease corruption at the Board of Aldermen by reforming conflicts of interest and redistricting.

To save you the question, Benjamin is a graduate of Parkway Central and attended Northwestern University as a National Merit Scholar. When not reforming government, Benjamin enjoys performing, including in six shows at the Muny. He is also an award-winning filmmaker. If you are wondering how he accomplished all of this by the age of twelve, his looks can be deceiving, because he is actually 34 years old.