David Breville

David Breville

Chief Technology Officer – Integrated Technology Partners, LLC

Mr. Breville is originally from St. Louis County and moved to the West Coast upon receiving his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri. His working career initially included a variety of positions with Hewlett Packard Company in Sales Engineering and Product Line Management, initially in California and eventually landing him in the Washington, DC area. He then headed up sales and marketing for Matrix Engineering, a Maryland based company focused on sales of special electronics systems custom designed to meet specialized US intelligence agency and warfighter needs. This led to his founding and cofounding several companies that specialized in developing specialized security systems to detect and “manage” wireless security threats to US Embassies and sensitive sites (SSL). Recently, he has been involved in consulting and development of systems to solve difficult customer problems in areas such as counter drone detection and mitigation, specialized sensor development, and cybersecurity. This includes bringing specialized wireless technology into the US and modifying it to meet specific customer needs in the security and management of wireless networks.

He is also a past member of FEMA Innovation & Disaster Recovery Teams, North Dakota Counter Drone Committee, and has participated in specialized testing of a variety of systems and technology at various DOD sites in conjunction with special forces. He has published in-depth analysis of specialized collection and mitigation systems for law enforcement and correctional institutions usage. He also was actively involved in the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering in supporting their work in developing and coordinating high tech seminars for industry.

Mr. Breville moved to St. Louis last year from the DC area and has recently joined T-Rex in establishing an office for a small company he cofounded, Integrated Technology Partners, LLC.  He believes that St. Louis has large potential to build an ecosystem to support high tech firms in support of US DOD.  St. Louis has excellent Universities and has been an unknown commodity to most high-tech firms based on either coast. The attraction of a vibrant culture, efficient airport, and excellent University talent combined with the lower cost of living and low business overhead costs in comparison to either US coast could be an effective stimulus to job growth.