Latina Berryhill

Latina Berryhill

Regional Vice President - Cordea Consulting

Latina Berryhill is an accomplished strategic sales leader, business development executive, and entrepreneur. She is a native of St. Louis and earned a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Information Management. She has more than 18 years of experience developing and implementing strategic business outcomes, building relationships, driving growth and assuring client satisfaction within the Healthcare Technology space. Latina is a strategic thinker with success in creating methodologies, transformations and excellent customer experiences.


In October of 2020, Latina experienced the devastating loss of a child killed by gun violence in St. Louis. Grasping to figure out how to live with this new reality and still function daily, Latina was introduced to Dr. Marty K Casey (UnGun Institute), a Trauma Coach. Therapy helped pull Latina out of a dark space by providing unique techniques to deal with the pain and to learn how to be present in her daily life again. She is proud to be a part of the coaching team and encourages others daily to seek the Trauma program by sharing her success story.


After her tragic loss, Latina founded Dynasty Logistics Inc., a company that provides trucking and transportation services throughout the U.S. She started the company with one truck, grew it to a fleet of five vehicles, and negotiated a partnership for direct contracts with shipping organizations and the largest Railroad.


Latina enjoys community engagement efforts where she volunteers with various organizations to make a positive impact one person at a time. Latina decided to step into courage instead of fear. After going through the initial healing process, she learned to choose her power over pity. It freed her to jump into her destiny and she’s on a mission to teach others how to do the same.

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