Martha Kampen

Martha Kampen

President & CEO – Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Culminating years’ experience into helping students and professionals gain greater understanding and appreciation of their own cultural heritage and the diversity of cultural perspectives, for a more accepting and inclusive community.


Formerly, my firm helped emerging businesses GROW. We have helped hundreds of business owners strategically market their business and meet their goals through a) understanding their market/prospect, b) defining and communicating their Unique Value Proposition in light of competitive options, and c) managing/reporting/adjusting the follow-through to the desired end-result. Other specialties include: Strategic Market Messaging to the Hispanic, Senior Adult and Boomer markets, Market Research including focus groups, phone, online and in-person studies of customers, prospects and competitive firms, andStaff Development and Training, customized to meet the needs of each firm’s employees as found in the research study, specifically for improvement of overall customer experience satisfaction.


Specialties: Cross-Cultural Communications training,Strategic Planning & Focus for Emerging Companies, New Market Development; Senior Adult Marketing, Focus Group Studies, Customer and Prospect Phone Surveys, Competitive Phone and In-Person Surveys, Secret Shopper Staff Studies, Staff Development and Training. Hispanic Marketing – Research & Strategies.