Michael Fritzius

Michael Fritzius

Founder – podcastify.me

Picture this: you’re a business owner, and suddenly dozens of people per month are wanting to talk to you because they know you can help them.

Great problem to have, right? Well that’s the problem we cause for people. And we do it with a podcast.

I’m Fritz, Founder of podcastify.me, a service that designs podcasts around your expertise.

We handle the whole process so you can have the kind of conversations that make guests go, “Dang, this person really knows their stuff! I think I wanna work with them!”

We work with coaches; anyone who makes most of their money by giving advice to others. And we can design a podcast from the ground up, or offload parts of the process if they’ve already got a show.

We use a blend of automation, psychology, social media, technology, and entrepreneurial chutzpah to deliver an awesome experience for people, and get the kind of people on your show who are more likely to become clients later.

You get a chance to show your knowledge. They get the chance to be wowed by it.

That’s who we are, that’s who we help, and that’s what we can do. But only if you let podcastify.me podcastify YOU.

Check out https://podcastify.me to find out more.