Meet: Eric Kuenkler & Annemarie Deutschmann

Meet: Eric Kuenkler & Annemarie Deutschmann

Co-Founder – Bacdek Farms, LLC

Hello, I’m Eric Kuenkler Co-Founder @ Bacdek Farms, LLC in the Venture Cafe St. Louis-community! I’m working on an Aquaponics company that will revolutionize the way people look at farming and self-sustainability in a world that has corrupted the access to organic, nutritious and accessible food.


I’m changing the world because I saw a flaw in the way our food system has been treated in the world. In a world of such uncertainty as well as living in a country that is supposed to be the most prosperous country in the world , we still have food shortages, food deserts and food born diseases. BACDEK Farms goal is striving to educate the public about the benefits of aquaponics, what its’ influence changes in society and how it can bring about a type of farming that is not only self-sustainable but can also rebalance our earth at the same time. I partnered up with my best friend, Annemarie Deutschmann to create a company that not only provides that education, but also create a product that will bring the fundamentals of our teachings to their own homes. Our mission is to allow individuals to control where their food comes from. Grow what they want, where they want. We have designed and are in prototype stage of creating a BACDEK Aquaponics Kit for families, neighborhoods and communities to grow their own produce and aquatic animals in unison creating a mini-ecosystem. Self-sufficient aquaponics will lessen the risks of food-borne illness, bring fresh produce and fish to homes and communities which are considered in food deserts, allow individuals to provide organic food to their families and neighborhoods and allow individuals to be involved in where their food comes from. We feel with the right influences from people who understand the necessity of change in the food industry, we can create a new culture in how food is grown, distributed, and viewed across the world.


As a visitor at Venture Café this network has helped me realize that there are many individuals in our city that are looking for change in our communities and are networking to create that change. During our networking sessions we have made great connections who can help us see how powerful our vision actually is. Talking to these connections has given us the confidence to go forth with our vision to create the change we feel is necessary for the world.


The world should know that Annemarie and I met in the senior industry. We saw a steady decline in our residents health that stemmed from a life of eating less nutritious, pesticide laden, and limited resourced food. As we looked for an answer to these issues, we found aquaponics. Why does aquaponics matter? It is certifiably organic, it is self-sustainable, it preserves water, it lessens food shortages, it lessens transportation issues causing food borne illness, it creates food surplus in desert areas, and most importantly, it helps diminish or even reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s, cancer and many other diseases. If someone wants to learn more about what we do, check out our website,

Learn more about what I do on my website!

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