Meet: Vivek Singh

Meet: Vivek Singh

Founder – Nelumbus

Hello, I’m Vivek Singh Founder @ Nelumbus in the Venture Cafe St. Louis-community! I’m working on Solutioning the Enterprise Content management & Digital transformation.


I started my organization I am into IT / Digital space for almost 20 years and trying to help the community by providing a various solutions and becoming a bridge between problem statement and providing solution. And also trying to help student in education system by providing niche skills technology in demand by industry ion cheaper rates.


As a visitor at Venture Café this network has helped me in connecting people and making network. This will help me understanding the problem statement of the community / business and being into IT Solution Architect I can fill those gaps by providing the solutions.


I’m looking for More Exposure & Network to create more business.

Learn more about what I do on my website!

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